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Alkali Cleaner RXSOL ORG – 6

All purpose degreaser for cleaning of Oil and Sludge with emulsifiers. It is an excellent blend of powerful alkaline base and emulsifying inorganic products .Specially designed for engine room , machinery parts and cargo tank cleaning .

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RXSOL ORG 6 , ALKALI CLEANER is Eco – Friedly and Non Hazardous degreasing cleaner for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.It is   an excellent blend of powerful surfactant to remove of soil,dirt, rust, Oil & Grease , carbon , light paint etc, from Ferous  & No Ferous alloys and its surface.  The Product  has a long  life with very good cleaning effect. It is alkaline in nature without  any complexing agent and cleans the surface totally making it active and bright. This product is  fully soluble in water , in all proportion , and it  not  produce vapour of any kind.

RXSOL-20-2059-025  is an all purpose degreaser for cleaning of Oil and Sludge with emulsifiers. It is an excellent blend of powerful cleaner and emulsifying inorganic products .Specially designed  for engine room, degreasing of metal and cargo  tank cleaning .Main feature of this product is, it finally dissociate slop emulsion  to separate oil and water and inhibit calcium, magnesium, and silica scale and also help corrosion control by dispersing iron oxide.

Alkaline cleaning agents contain strong bases for mainstay of industrial cleaning. Cleaners are many in number and vary in type and formulation. Working solutions of alkaline cleaners have proprietary alkaline cleaners and specifically formulated chemical blends. This product is classified as Alkaline Degreasers and Cleaners. 



RXSOL – 20-2059-025 


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