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Aqua Break RX 25 Ltrs

Product for  

Aqua Break RX 25 Ltrs

New technology surfactant degreaser for removal of grease, oil, sludge, carbon deposits, general dirt and grime. designed to clean Animal / Vegetables oils, Fats, Hydrocarbon removes Dirt, Iink, Carbonized grease, Oil, Heavy oils etc.

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It is a new technology surfactant degreaser ( high solvency and emulsification effect ) , Being free from caustic and hydrocarbons it is very gentle on hands & ideal for cleaning walls, wood works, metal and other areas for removal of grease, oil, sludge, carbon deposits, general dirt and grime.
Can be used for all types of cleaning and degreasing including engine rooms and cargo tanks. Can be used as accoomodation cleaner for Bulkheads, Deck, Toilet etc. Sutable for clening of Soiled Textiles such as rugs , cover, mats etc. Effectively Clean Fibre Glass, Boats, Hulls and Painted Surfaces.
NOTE : Bio-degradable product, it is low toxic, non-caustic and from hydrocarbons.

WHY RXSOL-16-3003-AB is better ?
An economical  highly concentrated product.
Compatible with oily water separators.
Releasing the oil phase for reclamation.
Suitable for all types of floors. Deodorizing nature
Eliminates the need to buy & stock duplicate products because of its effectiveness.
Also used for gas and hydrocarbon freeing of tanks. Free from caustic & hydrcarbon , Non flammable Water based , Biodegradable . Safe to metal


RXSOL-16-3003-025  Mixture of Emulsifier, new technology surfactants ( With high solvency and emulsification effect ) , Corrosion  inhibitors, Rust  preventive. due to free from  caustic  and Hydrocarbon very  gentle on hands & ideal for cleaning Walls Wood works, Metals and all areas . Acts as superior quality cleaner / degreaser .

RXSOL-16-3003-025 containing  corrosion  inhibitors to  prevents the  corrosion of metals such as Aluminium, Copper, Brass and Tin. RXSOL-16-3003-025 is designed to clean Animal / Vegetables oils, Fats, Hydrocarbon removes Dirt, Iink, Carbonized grease, Oil, Heavy oils etc. Specialized for all types of cleaning and degreasing.may be applied by brush, handspray or used in ultrasonic cleaning tanks, immersion soak tanks and high and low pressure spray appliances. May be used neat or diluted by up to 50 parts of water according to the amount and type of soil to be removed.

Tank Cleaning:-
(Cargo tank cleaning after mineral, animal, vegetable and fish oil. )


Method of Application and Doses:- 
1st of all by stripping suction removes all possible oil (greasy materials). To prevents evaporation of lighter fraction oil flush the system with cold water.May be brushed on, sprayed (Hand spray/Direct injection) recirculate  the system with RXSOL-16-3003-025 Solution

1. Cleaning with   washing machines. Dose rate: 0.3-5 ltr per ton wash water (0.03-0.5%).
2. Cleaning with recirculation method. Dose rate: 0.5-10 ltr per ton wash water, (0.05-1%).
3. Spot cleaning. Hand sprayed neat or diluted up to 1-10  parts water and left for about 15-20 minutes before.washing.off.


Nature Of Residue Hand Spray Direct Injection Circulation
Veg.Oil (Drying/Non Drying Fish Oil,Alcohol,Acids,Amines) 1-10% 0.03-0.5% 0.05-0.7 %

RXSOL-16-3003-025 has numerous general cleaning applications including the removal of greases, oil, sludge, carbon deposits, general dirt and grime. Can be used as engine room cleaner. Suitable for cargo tank cleaning. Can be used as accommodation cleaner for bulkheads, decks, toilets. Suitable for cleaning of soiled textiles as rugs, covers, mats, overalls, etc. Effectively cleans glass fibre boats, hulls and painted surfaces


Aquabreak plays very important role in degreasing as well as cleaning action. Its unique formulation with polymer makes difference from other supplier.  Alkyl glucoside is major component of Aquabreak.

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Product Name


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Chemica Name


CAS Number

EC Number

R Phrases*

Symbols Disodium


0.1-1 %



34, 37


Fatty alcohol ethoxylate

5-10 %






1-5 %





Butoxy Ethanol                      1-5%
*See Section 16


Characteristic odour.


Liquid, pale yellow, soluble in water.

Contact with eyes

Causes irritation.

Contact with skin

In cases of severe exposure, irritation may develop.


Vapours or aerosols may cause irritation of eyes, nose and respiratory tract.


The ingestion of significant quantities may cause gastro-intestinal disturbances.

Contact with skin

Remove contaminated clothing immediately and drench affected skin with plenty of water. Then wash with soap and water Seek medical advice if necessary

Contact with eyes

If substance has got into eyes, immediately wash out with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes .Obtain immediate medical attention Ingestion, Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person Give plenty of water to drink


Never give anything by mouth to anunconscious person . Give plenty of water to drink . Obtain immediate medical attention


Remove patient  to fresh air. Keep warm and at rest, in a half up right position. Loosen clothing.Seek medical attention if irritation persists


In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately (show the label where possible)(S45)

Fire-fighting measures

Smoke from fires is irritating Not flammable. In case of fire use extinguishing media appropriate to surrounding conditions 

Personal Precautions

Wear protective clothing as per section 8

Environmental Precautions

No special precautions are required for this product Immediate Actions. Shut off source of leak if safe to do so

Clean Up Actions

Absorb spillage in inert material and shovel up. Flush spill area with copious amounts of water


The usual precautions for handling chemicals should be observed. Eyewash bottles should be available – See Section 8.


Keep only in the original container in a cool, well ventilated place (S3/9/49) Protect from frost.

Exposure Limits

There are no recommended or established controls for this product.

Exposure controls

No special ventilation is required unless the product is used in a spray form.

Occupational exposure controls

Wear suitable protective clothing, including eye/face protection and gloves (plastic or rubber are recommended) No respiratory protection is required unless subject to contact with substance mist.


Gloves                Goggles                   Suit                No_smoking


Characteristic odour


Liquid, pale yellow, soluble in water


10.5 – 11.5 at 5 – 10 % concentration

Boiling point

>100 °C at 760 mm / Hg

Vapour pressure

not known

– This article is considered stable under normal conditions
– See Section 5

Toxicological information

No experimental data available Inhalation.
Vapours or aerosols may cause irritation of Eyes, Nose and Respiratory tract.

Contact with skin

In cases of severe exposure, redness and irritation may develop.

Contact with eyes

Causes irritation.


May cause gastrointestinal disturbances


No evidence of carcinogenic effects.


This product does not contain ingredients which are classified in the EU as dangerous for the environment.


Completely soluble in water

Persistence and Biodegradability

Its main ingredients will either dissolve rapidly and dissociate in water or are readily/inherently biodegradable.

Bioaccumulation Potential

Bioaccumulation of the components in this product is insignificant. Other Adverse Effects
No environmental problems are expected when the product is used / handled correctly.


This material and/or its container must be disposed of as hazardous waste EU Waste class

Disposal considerations

Do not discharge into drains or the environment, dispose to an authorised waste collection point Disposal should be in accordance with local, state or national legislation

– Not classified as hazardous for transport

Risk Phrases

Irritating to eyes (R36)

Safety Phrases Irritant

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice (S26) Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection (S37/39)

Text of R and S phrase codes used in this safety data sheet:- R34: Causes burns; R36: Irritating to eyes; R37: Irritating to the respiratory system; R41: Risk of serious damage to eyes. The information provided about the product on this Safety Data Sheet has been compiled from knowledge of the individual constituents The data given here is based on current knowledge and experience. This Safety Data Sheet describes the product in terms of safety requirements and does not signify any warranty with regard to the product's properties The data given here only applies when product used for proper application(s). The product is not sold as suitable for other applications – usage in such may cause risks not mentioned in this sheet. Do not use for other application(s) without seeking advice from manufacturer This Safety Data Sheet is provided in compliance with The Dangerous Substances Directive (67/548/EEC) This Safety Data Sheet is provided in compliance with The Dangerous Preparations Directive (88/379/EEC) This Safety Data Sheet is provided in compliance with The Safety Data Sheets Directive (2001/58EC) Composition information in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 648/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 31 March 2004 on detergents: Nonionic surfactants 5-15 % Amphoteric surfactants <5 %

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