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NITRIC ACID 58-62% 45 KG

NITRIC ACID 58-62% 45 KG

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Chemica Name CAS # % by weight NITRIC ACID 7697-37-2 62.0- 68. WATER 7732-18-5 38.0-       32.0

Eye   Can cause permanent eye injury.  Symptoms include stinging,         
tearing, redness, and swelling of eyes.  Can injure the cornea and  
cause blindness.
Skin   Can cause permanent skin damage.  Symptoms may include redness,     
burning, and swelling of skin, burns, and other skin damage
Swallowing     Swallowing this material may be harmful or fatal.  Symptoms may     
include severe stomach and intestinal irritation (nausea,           
vomiting, diarrhea), abdominal pain, and vomiting of blood.         
Swallowing this material may cause burns and destroy tissue in the  
mouth, throat, and digestive tract.  Low blood pressure and shock   
may occur as a result of severe tissue injury.
Inhalation It is possible to breathe this material under certain conditions    
of handling and use (for example, during heating, spraying, or      
stirring).  Breathing this material may be harmful or fatal.        
Symptoms may include severe irritation and burns to the nose,       
throat, and respiratory tract.
Symptoms of Exposure  No Data
Target Organ Effects No Data
Developmental Information No Data
Cancer Information No Data
Other Health Effects No Data

Primary Route(s) of Entry                                                
Inhalation, Skin contact, Eye contact

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