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Colloidal silica – Manufacturer, Exporter, Distributor and Supplier in Chennai India

Colloidal silica – Manufacturer, Exporter, Distributor and Supplier in Chennai India

Chennai Chemical industry Based in Chennai India. Chennai chemical are a leading Chemical Manufacturer, Exporter, Distributor and Supplier of  Colloidal silica Chennai India . We are supplied into various industrial markets including Household , Institutional Cleaning, Personal Care and Industrial sectors including Oil Field, Agriculture, Lubricants, Metal Working chemical industry and Coatings markets.

Colloidal silica are suspensions of fine amorphous, nonporous, and typically spherical silica particles in a liquid phase.Colloidal silicas are most often prepared in a multi-step process where an alkali-silicate solution is partially neutralized, leading to the formation of silica nuclei. The subunits of colloidal silica particles are typically in the range of 1 to 5 nm. Whether or not these subunits are joined together depends on the conditions of polymerization. Initial acidification of a water-glass (sodium silicate) solution yields.


In papermaking colloidal silica is used as a drainage aid. It increases the amount of cationic starch that can be retained in the paper. Cationic starch is added as sizing agent to increase the dry strength of the paper.


High temperature binders

Investment casting – used in moulds

An abrasive – for polishing silicon wafers

Carbonless paper


Moisture Absorbent

It increases the bulk & tapped density of powders and granules.

It is used as a free-flow agent to assist powder flow, e.g. in tabletting, by reducing the angle of repose of bulk powder.

Stabilizing and rigidizing refractory ceramic fiber (fiberfrax) blankets.

Abrasion-resistant coatings

Increasing friction – used to coat waxed floors, textile fibers and railway tracks to promote traction.

Antisoiling – fills micropores to prevent take up of dirt and other particles into textiles.

Surfactant – used for flocculating, coagulating, dispersing, stabilizing etc.

Liquid silicon dioxide (colloidal silica) is used as a wine and juice fining agent.


Colloidal silica is used in concrete densifiers and polished concrete.

In manufacturing Quantum dots, small semi-conductors used in various scientific research settings.

used as an ingredient in many “Ceramic Coatings”.

We try our best to supply every chemical you may wish to buy. However, if there is something you can’t find, feel free to contact us and we will find just what you are looking for and offer you a competitive price. For more information or to request a particular product, call customer services or Given website Email address.

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