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1st Method precipitate the Gold with Hydrazine Hydrate :  Recovere all gold from working area then dissolve all into Aqua Regia Solution. Leave this solution for 10 -12 hrs to complete precipitation, then Filter it out. And addition of Hydrazine hydrate 64 or 85% (liquid)  works well  to precipitate gold from  acid gold plating baths which contain HAuCl4 solution, Hydrazine Hydrate also used in GOLD purifiaction faxctory.  Remember Hydrazine Hydrate does not work well with alkaline solution. 2nd Method Precipitate the GOLD with sodium metabisulfite/ zinc :   Aqua Regia :  3 HCL+1 Nitric Acid. Recover gold from Filings, Setting, Waste water, Consumables used in production, Emery papers, and sweeps from the production floors then dissolve into aqua Regia solution, Let it work 1 night or simply heat it up for a while to shortened the process and on filtration precipitate it. Filter the solution and neutralize it with Urea or just heat it up until all of the nitric vaporized. Watch out not to lose any precious metal during the heating. Test the pH. Precipitate gold using sodium metabisulfite/ zinc.Application: Dose: Note:


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