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Lime Remover Dissolver

Lime out cleaner for changing hard deposits of LIME into loose bond in sludge formation, chemically its neutralizing lime of alkali and breaking solid deposited bond of LIME from ship cargo hold and storage tanks.

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LIME REMOVER HD  is an innovative, concentrated liquid product specifically engineered to attack, penetrate and remove lime deposit accumulations from cargo and storage tanks. It is a liquid product designed to Clean and eliminate limestone caustic lime deposits and dry lime stains from cargo tanks and other large common metal surface installations. Application: Use For remove heavy lime deposition from metal surface. It is highly concentrated and powerful penetrating agents materials which is effectively react with lime to loosen the bonding strength . Best results can obtain on dry surface of cement.  It break down the ionic bond in lime, releasing the lime from any surface to which it has adhered. This liquid mixture specifically designed to deal with hard cases of lime cargo deposits or dry lime stains. Its proven advantage is the provision of immediate penetration and complete dissolution of lime, the result being a thorough cleaning. ACTIVE MATTER         : 98-100 % WHY RXSOL22-2213-210 is better ? Biodegradable & non flammable , Economical very cost effective Non-hazardous Non-fuming Safe for paint, chrome, aluminum, glass, rubber, plastic, brass & stainless Dissolves cured cement, concrete, mortar, grout, stucco Cleans aluminum Also comes with a foaming spray nozzle Will not remove rubberized cement Suitable for the removal of cement deposits and dry stains. Due to its higher concentration its chemical reaction is very fast.  Dose: Lime Remover HD must be used according to the hold surface area that is to be covered, the extent of contamination, the available downtime and the application method being used. Lime Remover HD is covering 10-12 Squire Meter area. Using Procedure I – Spray Method Spray Method is applicable where a high–pressure machine, suitable to process chemical solutions, is used with a 50% Lime Remover HD/water solution to inject directly onto the surface area. Then, the solution must be left to act for 15 minutes followed by thorough rinsing using a high–pressure water supply source. After , the surface must be left to dry. The percentage  of dilutions may vary depending on the thickness and hardness of the deposited lime. II – Soaking Method Soaking is a method where Lime Remover HD is used undiluted and applied with conventional methods such as an elongated thick and hard brush, a hard sponge etc. Once applied, Lime Remover HD must be left to soak for 30 minutes. Rinse with water, and followed by leaving the surface to dry. Usually, this method is applicable to heavily contaminated small and large tank surface areas and installations.Note: Feature and Benefit : • Ideal for the removal of limestone, birdlime and dry lime stains from all common metal tanks  surface and installations. • Applicable to all metal surfaces and parts except those being galvanized and those made of Tin, Zinc, Aluminum and Lead. • A water–soluble, non–flammable liquid mixture. • Can be used to safely neutralize strong alkaline liquids and solids. • No known effect on rubber or plastic compounds. • May be combined with a specific range of other products. • Cost effective, easy to apply and use.


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